Recovery Resources

My Recovery

Late in 2009, I was able to get out of a destructive relationship and quit drugs. Eventually, I embraced complete sobriety and quit drinking on February 1, 2010. I am grateful for all of my mentors who’ve walked this recovery journey with me. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without their help. #Grateful

Furthermore, when I got sober I set out on a journey to uncover why I became addicted to drugs and alcohol. This has proven to be the best use of my time yet. I’ve learned to unearth the lies and embrace my true identity and calling in life.

If you are here because you struggle with alcoholism or addiction of any kind, know you don’t have to go it alone. There are a plethora of free recovery options available and I plan to link to them all. If I’m missing one please let me know.

If you are in a dangerous situation, please call 911.

Additionally, feel free to reach out to me and gain another cheerleader: msfiology [at]

Many of these resources are free (anonymous programs) and some are not (rehabs). My advice for the latter is to first check with your particular health insurance plan for in-network rehab facilities.

If you attend to an out-of-network rehab, you could be stuck with a huge bill. If you need hospitalization, detox and/or rehab, make sure you choose an in-network facility.

I’d hate to see you walk out of rehab with a large financial burden.

If you need assistance, I recommend calling your insurance company for a listing of in-network options.

Recovery Resources