Mid-Year Goal Check-In for Sustainable Habits

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Alright, I started the year revealing my 2019 goals and talked about creating the sustainable habit of goal setting. In light of that, I think it prudent to do a mid-year check-in where I grade myself.

The rating system

♦♦♦♦♦ – Bravo! Basically, if I give myself 5 diamonds, it means that I have followed through on the defined action steps outlined in achieving said goals. Additionally, it means I have achieved the goal and/or am on track to achieve it.  For the more abstract goals, it’s essentially open to my humble interpretation of how I’m doing.

♦♦♦♦ – Still pretty awesome! By giving myself 4 diamonds, I am saying that I am on track to achieve my goal but I have missed some of the action steps along the way.

♦♦♦ – Fair to middling. Three diamonds are well, average. It means I’m working on my goal but certainly not at the pace I set out to.

♦♦ – Needs improvement. Do you like how I’m being really positive with my wording?? Sure two stars are nothing to write home about, but let’s look at it as an opportunity to get better. 😉

♦ – Need inspiration. I originally wrote fail for one star but I realized that I’m only halfway through 2019 and so we can hardly call this a fail. The whole point of a mid-year check-in is to see what’s not working and make necessary adjustments to accomplish all goals (if still relevant)! I’m going for all positive stuff here.

I will say that sometimes we realize it’s better to abandon a goal. Why you say? Well, perhaps a goal is no longer relevant. Or maybe it was the wrong goal in the first place. Anyway, the point of a mid-year check-in is to evaluate, judge, and adjust.

Here goes…

Create a Will

I give myself ♦♦♦♦ on this goal. I had this goal in my Todoist app for January and it got pushed back to spring partly because of a medical mishap and partly because of the ski season. Additionally, I just kept thinking this would be boring research. Needless to say, I built this incorrect, unattractive narrative in my mind of what it would look like and kept pushing it back.

Finally, I did some basic research and within an hour I was able to recognize this is doable and painless. Here’s what I learned in my research…

I checked out to services:

  1. Tomorrow
  2. Legal Zoom 

Tomorrow is a cool app that allows you to create a basic will for free; however, you will need to get it notarized and perhaps witnessed (depending on your state laws).

Legal Zoom is a paid for online service that seems to be more extensive.

What I’ve learned is that with either service the documents need to be signed & notarized. With Legal Zoom’s last will and testament, I will get everything I need for $149. What I don’t know is if Tomorrow’s last will and testament include everything I need (specifically a living will).

I have sent a question to the team at Tomorrow which should lead me to know if this free service is sufficient for my current needs and/or if I am better going for the paid service.

I would say, I’ve recently rallied on this goal (in light of writing a mid-year check-in) and so I’m on target to achieving it in 2019.

Remember My Word

My second goal was a little more abstract in that I chose a theme word for 2019 and that word is truth. That’s a big word and big responsibility but I humbly give myself ♦♦♦♦♦ for being on track with this goal.

This year, so far, I’ve worked really hard on telling the truth both to myself and others. Actually, I’ve been convicted in a few whites lies to other people and have confessed them. It’s not easy and especially because a white lie can seem so small and inconsequential.

However, when you’ve put it out there that your word for the year is truth and your faith dictates honesty, white lies count.

I’m practicing intentionality on being truthful and honest with myself and others in my life.

Write Two Pages of My Book Each Week

Oh boy, this has been hard!! I had about 15 pages started at the beginning of the year and in failed attempt to move it to the cloud I lost all 15 pages. Because I began to pour out my heart and soul in those first pages, I was discouraged when I realized they were lost.

It’s all about mindset and so I’m choosing to look at this as an opportunity to write better and more God directed. That being said, I’ve started over by writing a full outline for my book. That way I know all the stuff I want to cover and can jump around on writing the chapters as inspired.

Additionally, I’ve gotten started on writing some chapters in the book. However, I have not written two pages per week and so I’m giving myself ♦♦♦.

Moreover, I’m giving myself grace as I know realistically I’m not going to push myself to make up for the lost time. Furthermore, I’m tweaking this to goal to say from here on out, my action step is to write one page in my book per week. Somehow one page seems more approachable so we’ll see how I do with this tweak.

Hold My First Annual Review

I did it, I did it!! So I guess that means I can give myself ♦♦♦♦♦ for this one. It didn’t take a whole day either but here’s what I did:

  • Research on creating a will
  • Reviewed all of my invested assets for rebalancing
  • Found some additional funds (REITs and small cap) that I’ll be adding to my portfolio
  • Checked in on my 2019 goals

It was fun and empowering and still kind of amazing that I have assets to review. So I’ve done the review but I will be rebalancing my asset allocation this week and tweaking my investment policy statement regarding the newly invested funds. I plan to write more in-depth about the review it in the coming weeks.

Be the Kind of Person My Nice & Nephews Think I Am

I officially gained a new nephew as my little brother just got married. Here they are looking good!

My last goal is another abstract one. I have daily reminders on my Todoist app for my abstract goals. Every day, I need to check off these reminders and it’s a great way to start out my day.

It’s easy to get caught up in the cares of the world and I’m certainly not perfect. I would say I am doing well at this goal but have not always been proud of my actions and so I’m giving myself ♦♦♦♦. I think the key with trying to be a better person, in general, is to show ourselves grace. We are never going to be perfect; it’s just not possible this side of heaven. However, we can always get better.

And by getting better it means allowing accountability in our lives and practicing honest reflection. My journey of recovery has built these things into my daily life and I’m so grateful for that.

Here they are doing what comes naturally

Adding a New Goal

Another point of a mid-year check-in can be to add a new goal or goals if the desire or need is there. I have a big new goal for 2019. Are you curious?? Here it is…

Rebranding My Blog

I’ve officially decided on rebranding my blog!! Thank you to everyone who weighed in with comments and/or sent me emails on my request for your feedback in my last post.

I’m excited but not ready to reveal anything just yet. However, I do have a few teasers.

I mentioned that I’ve recently accepted a volunteer role to teach the financial module with the New Life Serenity Center. The founder just so happens to have 38 years of experience in marketing and media and offered to help me talk rebranding.

I mean, come on! How serendipitous is that?? Anyway, I’ve been brainstorming on names & taglines but she helped me take it to the next level with her expertise. As a result, I’ve got a new name & tagline!!!

There is still a lot of work to do in getting this new site set up, moving my content over, and redirecting. I am weeks away but I’m making some serious headway.

I couldn’t be more excited about this new goal! I’m not going to rate myself yet on this goal but I now have clearly defined action steps towards achieving it. You’ll be, obviously, hearing about it soonish.

Photo by Richard Felix on Unsplash

Closing Thoughts

To be honest, when I sat down for my annual review and my mid-year goal check-in, I thought my scores would be much lower. That’s probably because I had done nothing on my will goal, written little on my book, and wasn’t sure how my first annual review would turn out.

Swimmingly is the word that comes to mind now.

Building new habits may be simple but it’s not easy. It takes intentionality. I have to say I’m a big fan of an annual review and a mid-year goal check-in. For me, it seems natural to do these two things at the same meeting. I’m walking away with:

  1. A great sense of accomplishment
  2. Clarity on what needs to occur to complete my goals
  3. Some pivots on the book goal and allowing in a new goal

Alright readers, enough from me. How are you doing on your 2019 goals? I know several readers posted their goals in the comments and I would love to hear a check-in update!



4 thoughts on “Mid-Year Goal Check-In for Sustainable Habits”

  1. Oh my gosh! It is one of our goals to create a will this summer. I love the idea of using Tomorrow so I will totally check it out.

    Also, I love your diamond rating system. Best wishes on the book!

    1. Hey Michelle! I was just thinking about you the other day. BTW, I just found out from Tomorrow that their last will and testament does not include a living will if that matters to you. It does to me.

      Thanks for the compliment. The book may be a 10 year project! Haha.

  2. Abigail @ipickuppennies.net

    Before you check out LegalZoom, consider ProForms. That’s where I got a will, and it holds your hand through filling out the thing. Bonus: There’s a 7-day trial period. So sign up for the trial, create the will, send it to yourself (along with printing it out obviously) then cancel the subscription before you’re charged.

    I still have to get mine notarized. It requires two witnesses plus a notary, which is what’s stymying me. I could come up with one witness easily but two? I guess I’ll have to ask my friend and her boyfriend to both come with me to the UPS Store, which is a hassle I don’t like to impose, and sign the dang thing. Sigh. But it’s a goal I’m setting for myself to get done by the end of the summer. Hopefully, I can give myself five diamonds on that one.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Abigail. I think it varies state to state on how many witnesses you need, yes?

      Well you’ve done the hard part so no doubt you’ll complete it!

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