Protect Your Greatest Asset: You

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I had the good fortune of meeting Emilie from the awesome blog, Wise Mind Money at FinCon18 this past week. Furthermore, I was honored to write a guest post for her which when live last week.

Guest Post on Wise Mind Money

We have one life to live and in the process of obtaining our goals, we can work ourselves intensely. We have side hustles and full-time jobs. Sleep may be the first thing that gets cut back on in order to exceed our high expectations. No sooner do we reach one goal, we start setting new ones.  And these next goals are higher, harder and, the time expectation is truncated. When I say we I mean me, but I suspect others can identify. My plea to you and me is to take the time to rest more often and for longer periods.

The argument is that we can actually be more productive and efficient when we are well rested. It’s a win/win.

A Little Backstory

I’m a newbie on the path to achieving Financial Independence (FI) and as I like to affectionately call myself, am a late bloomer.  That’s okay, I may be late to the party but I’m here and am making up for lost time! Funnily enough, the reason I’m late to the party is because, um well, I was previously the party girl.

I joke but, in all reality, where I ended up in my early 30’s was not so comical. I was deep in the throes of addiction/alcoholism and was desperately lonely and dying. Fortunately, by the grace of God I was able to get sober and onto a different path.

If you know my story you know I recently became debt free and have since ramped up my saving/investing rate in an effort to accelerate my path to FI.

I’ve always been a hard worker, even when I was active in addiction. I’ve never scoffed at work. Obviously, after getting sober, I’ve been learning to work smarter.  I am a fan of career hacking. However, I still have the propensity to go all into something with a fierce vehemence and need to remember to balance

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