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Last week I wrote a guest post for Thrifty Enough about transformation and what it takes.  I think you’ll enjoy it…

Transformation Begins with Tenacity

So at the time, I’m writing this, I’ve been sober 8 and ½ years. I’ve met and helped a lot of women along the way, some who have stayed sober and many who have not.

Being sober is what has allowed me the focus and determination to pay off my debt. I now apply that same resolve to building wealth.

An old friend came by the other night and her story is worthy of a share. Stay with me as I think you’ll find some lessons here that can be applied to transforming your life financially.

The Back Story

I met this woman in the rooms of recovery. She was just out of prison and wanted to stay sober. She asked me to be her temporary sponsor which turned out to be a several year relationship and a lasting friendship.

Her story is much more extreme than mine. She had been a heroin addict and prostitute for many years until she and her pimp/drug dealer/caregiver were busted and put in jail. She got sober in prison and started attending recovery meetings there.

She was released much sooner than he (actually he is still in prison). When she got out, she didn’t quite know how to make it on her own but her pimp had outside resources and made sure she was taken care of financially. It was a sick relationship. She didn’t know any better.

What Does it Take?

She had one very specific characteristic that has proven to be a key in her transformation. She wanted to stay sober more than anything else in the world.

She possessed TENACITY.


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    1. Thank you, Cooper! I bet your brother might appreciate this story too.

      Yeah, I think grit is a synonym for tenacity. I’ve heard great things about that book. My boss has recommended it.

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