It’s Better to Give Than to Receive

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I’m still a newbie to this blogging thing, but I have some thoughts on it. Today, I’m specifically writing about what it’s like to give back in the form of writing guest posts for other sites.

When I started writing, I committed to once a week. Just several weeks back, I upped it to twice a week. I think I got my groove on and have a good rhythm.

Before this blog was born, I followed a great series by ESI Money titled Five Steps to Creating a  Winning $25k Blog For five weeks, ESI released a new article with nuggets of wisdom which I devoured.

In step 4, he talked about writing guest posts. What stuck out to me the most was that he said he personally puts more effort into guest posts.

I decided to follow that advice.

I put a ton of effort into my site here, but with my limited experience in guest posting, I’ve decided to go the extra mile. Hence the title of this article!

Recent Guest Posts

Vicki and Amy are two amazing women who run a couple of stellar sites geared towards women and money:

  1. Women Who Money
  2. Women’s Money Talk

The mission of the former site is to empower women in the world of finances. You’ll find quality content and phenomenal interviews. I love how they categorize articles by three different levels:

  1. Novice
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Women, no matter where you’re at on your financial journey this site has it covered. They also have reviews, inspiring interviews, and reader stories.

The mission of the latter site is to feature articles and offer a blog feed.

These lovely ladies reached out to me last month for an interview. I’m a little delayed in announcing it to y’all but here is the link to that interview:

Save Your Life First, Then Focus on Money

Hello! My name is Deanna and I’m a single 45-year-old woman living in Ohio just southeast of Cleveland. I have a messy but redemptive story that can pretty much be summed up in one word – transformative.

My living arrangements have been in a state of flux over the last 4 years but I’m happy to report that I just moved into a 1-bedroom apartment within walking distance of my job. #1mileradius is part of my intentional game plan on a path to achieving financial independence.

Prior to my current digs, I lived with my folks for 19 months. Yes, I moved in with my parents at the prime age of 44! But it was with the intention to pay off the remainder of my student loan debt. On December 29, 2017, I made my final payment and became debt free for the first time in 23 years!

Read More of this article on Women Who Money

This has been one of my favorites to write as I was able to highlight my Mom and her influence on my life. 🙂


Yep, great name, right?? Well, I’m not the only one who thought so. About the same time I thought of the name Ms. Fiology, David was thinking up the name Fiology for his educational site. We met at CampFI Mid-Atlantic and quickly became frenemies! Seriously, we do support each other in our different endeavors.

If you subscribe to Fiology, you’ll get a weekly lesson on foundational Financial Independence (FI) topics. It’s a great place to send someone who might be FI-curious.

Anywho, back to the topic of this article, David asked me to contribute two lessons:

Cut The Cords That Tie Us Down!

First and foremost, “I wish I had spent more of my time watching TV” is said by no one … ever. Objectively, the most “optimized” way forward towards Financial Independence is to eliminate paid television altogether and redirect what would have been money spent on ridiculous cable bills to investments in a low-cost broad market index fund, reducing our timeline to FI. And of course, there is the truth that if we were to eliminate television altogether, we would likely be happier and more productive. But, for the overwhelming majority of us, we will still want to view sports and our favorite shows in the comfort of our home or on our electronic devices.

Read More on Fiology

Don’t Cell Yourself Short

Cell phones – love ‘em or hate ‘em, most of us can’t seem to live without them. Owning a cell phone, however, does not mean we need to donate a significant portion of cash to the coffers of the “popular” carriers. We’d much rather contribute to more valuable things in our life like our Financial Independence. There are plenty of smaller, prepaid carriers who rent the networks from the big guys and charge much less. They are also known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). MVNOs enter into a business agreement with a mobile network operator and obtain services at wholesale prices. Then they set their prices independently. 

Read More on Fiology

David gets credit for the catchy names. Um, actually no, I just found out members from the ChooseFI Facebook group came up with both of them!

It was fun to do some research, write a little synopsis, and link to valuable and relevant resources. How lovely to get paid to read and listen to stuff on my favorite topic. Oh wait, I didn’t get paid! 😉

Check them out and who knows, maybe I even linked back to one of your pieces…

Photo by Loverna Journey on Unsplash

Coming soon

I just finished an article for Thrify Enough which will be featured in a week or so. Keep an eye out for it. I was able to write about a friend’s tenacious story of transformation. Her metamorphosis is even more extreme than mine. You are in for a real treat!


I’ve found that when I’m giving to others, I inevitably receive blessings back 100 fold. So my advice is that in whatever you do, build other up and be willing to share. If you are blogging and uncertain about writing guests posts, go for it. And when you do, give it your all.

After all the owner of the site you are writing a guest post for is allowing you to tap into his or her audience. It’s like a free gift to share your talents with a whole new audience. When you give your best, you may gain new readers and most importantly, you are making the host look good for choosing you in the first place.

In the end, write well.

In closing, I’d like to end with some exciting news from a friend…

Who doesn’t love a good debt free shout out??


6 thoughts on “It’s Better to Give Than to Receive”

  1. Awesome stuff, you are doing great things. I will definitely check out your guest posts… the titles alone are so catchy lol. I thought i was the king of catchy titles haha.

    Blogging is always fun when you are sharing your story honestly and openly. Always put out your best stuff, on your site and on guest posts. I love it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, TJ! I get no credit for the catchy names. Vicki & Amy thought of the one for my interview and I just found out that members of the ChooseFI FB group came up with the names for both of the lessons for Fiology.

      Yeah, I agree, if we are going to do this we should produce quality content…always.

    1. You got that right! It’s now an extension of my life that I cannot imagine giving up.

      Women Who Money rock!!

  2. Cooper @ Two Corporate Millennials

    Deanna, SO exciting that you are doing some cool stuff in the Blogging world! You deserve it with the content you are providing and how genuine you are as a person. I need to make it out to one of these Camp-FI events. Sounds like a great time had by all!

    Make sure you share when some of your writings post and I can’t wait to listen to the interview!

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