Introducing Bite-Sized Thursdays

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Hey all, I had to build up my confidence as well as become more efficient at editing my posts before I could think about publishing twice a week.  I believe I’m ready and/or at least I am ready to try.

For now, my Thursday posts will be more bite-sized but I still plan on producing quality writing. Feel free to give me feedback in the comments.

Discipline and Schedules

I have a full-time career as an Account Manager for a Broker/TPA. Now I spend part of my time blogging. Additionally, I help women in recovery and women who want accountability with their finances. Then there are the things I consider high priorities: prayer time, exercise, family time, friend time and having fun. Life is good!

Anyways, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and so I decided to employ some accountability to my schedule.  I am creating time blocking specific to my mornings. The first thing I want to acknowledge is that waking up every day at the same time is an act of discipline. I was inspired by reading this article by 5 am Joel. I do wake up early on the weekends, but necessarily at 5:00 AM 🙂

If you want more details into getting started doing time blocking, I recommend this article by Paul Minors.

I lived in a ministry house for one and a half years where we were expected to participate in community prayer time. This occurred in the mornings (including weekends). Additionally, we got together in the evenings to share gratitude. These practices built up a lot of discipline and certainly broke me of the habit of sleeping in on the weekends. Now my body automatically wakes up early every day.

The next step in being strategic with my time is to block it off in the morning when I feel I can be most productive before I begin the workday.

My Proposed Weekday AM Schedule

I typically do fitness classes after work in the evening but there are a few good classes that I like to participate in the morning at 6:00 AM. I certainly reserve the right to do that and on those days I will still be getting up at 5 but will shuffle a few things to the evening.

It All Starts In the Evening

The key to an early morning starts in the evening. The problem I have been facing is that I’m staying up too late working on my blog and then I still wake up early.  That being said, I am commencing a no screen policy before bed. I read about Erin’s challenge to not look at any screens 1 hour before bed and thought that may be wise.

My goal is to aim to be asleep by 10:00 PM and so I know that means winding down around 9:00 – 9:30 PM.  You heard it here first so let’s see if I can stick to this!

I will save the early part of my evenings for exercise, working with others and/or social activities.


Could I start this and fail? Sure, things may not work out exactly as I laid out but I won’t consider that a failure. This is the model I’ll strive for but I remain open to adjustments and improvements.

There it is! I am already feeling a sense of peace about a plan and for time efficiency. What are your thoughts? Do you employ time-blocking? How do you get all that you want to accomplish done in your day?

8 thoughts on “Introducing Bite-Sized Thursdays”

  1. Anthony OConnor

    I believe your on to something. God teaches us that discipline creates structure and structure creates security and we all long for being secure. Good day to ya Ms.Fiology.

  2. I am definitely more productive in the morning! If I sleep in too late (in the summer not the weekends), I have missed the window of productivity. 7 am is the sweet spot for me and I am also a person who thrives on OVER. 8 hours of sleep which is hard for an adult to do when working full time. You are inspiring me to push myself to make a schedule that works for me!

    1. Nice! Yeah, mornings are golden.

      I used to love to get 8 hours of sleep a night. For some reason as I get older, my body won’t let me sleep that long. I figure if I can get 7 that will be a victory since I often go on 5 or 6!

      Glad to pass on some inspiration

  3. Cooper @ Two Corporate Millennials

    I love this Deanna! If you want a bit more “in your face” approach to waking up early and getting things done, check out Jocko Willink. He is an avid early riser who doesn’t put up with people’s excuses for not waking up early.

    But one tip he suggests, like you mentioned, is getting things prepped at night. His philosophy is that you remove all decision making in the morning and just get up and execute. So lay out your clothes the night prior, create your schedule for the day the night prior, etc. That way when your alarm goes off, you just execute your plan instead of trying to think and make decisions. Anyway, he’s got a great book and philosophy that I think would resonate with you. His mantra is “discipline equals freedom” which I think we both understand on multiple levels!


    1. Ooh, I gotta read that book! I am going to look on my library app as soon as I’m done writing this comment. I’ve heard Jocko interviewed on the Tim Ferris show and a lot of what he said resonated with me. I love that mantra, “discipline equals freedom.”

      1. Cooper @ Two Corporate Millennials

        I thought you would! Start with Extreme Ownership, then look at the Discipline Equals Freedom: A Field Manual.

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